A trilogy of legends from Africa, Asia and South America

A play for two puppeteers and one musician

Three characters search for the path to true happiness.
We follow along in the wake of a sad young fiancée,
a hunter who believes he is invincible and a terrible greedy little king.
For these three characters, nothing goes the way they want!

As children, we are always searching for the solutions to our sorrows big and small.
In these stories, little rain sprites, a grumpy wise woman, and an old hermit with a keen sense of humor
all offer answers to soothe the hearts of the characters.
An initiation into tales of ancestral wisdom.

Play created in residency at the Théâtre de l’Abbaye in Saint-Maur.
With the support of the ADAMI
and financial aid for production costs from Arcardi.




Three metaphorical folktales that explore the true value of things, from Asia, Africa and South America: a young girl sets out to help her war-traumatized fiancé awaken his desire to live again; an arrogant warrior, proud of his strength is defeated by a delicate bird’s feather; lastly, a greedy despotic little king learns to let go of his desire for instant gratification.

Two actors artfully manipulate exquisite puppets, while a musician brings to life a subtle soundscape with a host of instruments from different origins that enrich both words and silences. And let’s not forget the superb giant drum, central piece of all three stories that reverberates, transforms into a canvas for shadow theater and a small theater in the round. A truly beautiful show.”


After the success of Inti and the Giant Condor and Wayra and the Wizard on the Big Mountain, the Théâtre du Shabano presents its latest creation: Legends and Whispers of the Big Drum, inspired by tales from Asia, Africa and South America. Three stories, three characters, three destinies […]

All these stories take place around a giant drum. Centerstage, it is both set and instrument over the course of the play. Onstage, two actors, Francesca Testi and Hernan Bonet, manipulate the stunning puppets created by Patricia Gatepaille.
Not to mention the amazing compositions of Christine Kotschi, who to brings music to these adventures using a vast range of world instruments set about the stage. The performance is an invitation to take a journey; it is sublime, poetic, intelligent and superbly directed by Valentina Arce. We loved it!


Exquisite! The kind of show that is universally loved, where children are captivated and their adult chaperones are just as enthralled. In the past few years, the Théâtre du Shabano, directed by Valentina Arce, has regaled us with South American folktales and legends, accompanied by enchanting live music. In a similar vein and yet with its own unique flavor, this latest creation, is an accomplished success. The direction is simple, minimalist but also very powerful and coherent […]

These three folktales from Asia, Africa and South America are charming in the way of all legends that invite us to travel to faraway lands. The live musician onstage adds an exceptional intensity to each story. It would be impossible to name all the instruments and objects she uses, but the original score they produce, in music and sound effects, is remarkable. […]