The Théâtre du Shabano’s tales are meeting places where physical bodies, puppets, music and words intertwine, call to each other and create original performances, both theatrical and poetic.

In its original productions, the Théâtre du Shabano focuses on:

The story, the narrative and its poetic transposition to the stage.
Scripts that explore our relationship to childhood or and give voice to children.
Stage composition with strong visual and sensorial elements.

In her early productions, Franco-Peruvian “director and guide”, Valentina Arce explored the power and beauty of South American legends.

Original productions from 2005-2007: « La Fille du Grand Serpent (Daughter of the Long Snake) », Tupi legend from the Amazon, adapted from Béatrice Tanaka’s beautiful tale; « Inti et le Grand Condor (Inti and the Giant Condor) », legend from the Andes Mountains; and « Wayra et le Sorcier de la Grande Montagne (Wayra and the Wizard on the Big Mountain) », a Mapuche legend (Chili).

Following these early shows, came tales from around the world and collaborations with international artists that reinforced the company’s cosmopolitan direction:

in « Contes et murmures du grand Tambour (Legends and Whispers from the Big Drum) », the company began to work with puppets, who became the voices of these three fables, from three different continents. It was also the first collaboration with musician Christine Kotschi and her instruments from around the world.

« La princesse et le garçon porcher (The Princess and the Swineherd)», adapted from the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen, with the collaboration of Russian artist Sacha Poliakova who will return in the company’s upcoming creation in 2019-2020. (Compagnie Samoloet)

« AMARANTA », based on a contemporary Columbian tale by Nicolas Buenaventura, with puppets designed by Israeli artist Einat LandaisThis play is part of the project «Avignon 2017-Enfants à l’honneur» that seeks to bring young audiences to the Avignon Theater Festival and is organized by the French association Scènes d’enfance – ASSITEJ-FRANCE.

COMING IN 2019-2020, « Le bleu des abeilles (The Blue of Bees)» based on the novel by Argentinian author Laura Alcoba published by Gallimard in 2013. Object theater with paper puppets. Inner journey, a child’s personal voyage to find her place in a world of exile. (Show’s webpage)

Production Théâtre du Shabano. En coproduction avec le Pilier des Anges – Théâtre Halle Roublot Pôle marionnette du Val-de-Marne (94).

Current partners: Département du Val-de-Marne, Studios de Virecourt (86), Théâtre de l’Abbaye de Saint Maur (94), Compagnie Tro-Héol (29), compagnie conventionné avec le Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication – DRAC de Bretagne, Théâtre aux Mains Nues (75), Théâtre du Val d’Osne de Saint-Maurice (94), Compagnie Dérézo (29).